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Downloadable eBooks and audio



Along with the rest of the Digital Library New Jersey consortium, we have changed our provider of eBooks and downloadable audio books at the beginning in March.  Our new service is provided by 3M rather than OverDrive.


Log on using only the first 13 digits of your 14 digit patron barcode – that is, leave off the final digit.




This change was the result of extensive negotiations with both vendors over issues of price, title and format availability, and ownership of digital rights.   The greatest negative aspect of our new vendor is that they do not support e-ink Kindles such as the Kindle Paperwhite.  We apologize for this insufficiency, and 3M continues to work on resolving this issue.


The 3M Cloud Library currently works with iPad , iPhone, iPod Touch, Nook devices, Kobo, and Android tablets and phones.

E-ink Kindles will not be compatible with the 3M Cloud Library. Other e-ink e-readers like the Nook and Kobo will be supported, but may require syncing using a USB cord through a PC or a Mac. The Kindle Fire will require sideloading of the 3M Cloud Library app.


More titles will be added in a few weeks as we complete our transfer from OverDrive